Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday Comics.

Some great comics purchased at Dead Universe Comics in Aylesbury, Uk today.

Supernatural Thrillers #3 featuring Robert E Howard's 'The Valley of the Worm'. Adapted by Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway and superb art by Gil Kane and Ernie Chua. Published by Marvel in 1972. This book looks surprisingly sharp and has a bit of a John Carter feel to it.

Skull The Slayer issues 1-4. Issue one especially has a gorgeous cover and is written by Marv Wolfman and art by Steve Gan. A great pulpy feel to the series which could do with a modern day restart.

Plus issue one of Red Wolf 'Masked Avenger of the Western Plains!' I can't make out a signature on the cover but looks like John Severin to me. Inside you can see that it's written by Gary Friedrich and art by Sid Shores. (With a plot assist by Roy Thomas). Very dialogue heavy but fun nevertheless.

This should fill the endless void of the English Bank Holiday weekend!


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