Sunday, 27 January 2013

Experiments in Colour.

Last week we had a blur of colourist appreciation (by the way I am not misspelling that word - we include a 'u' in the UK). Twitter and Facebook had loads of comics peeps pointing out the worth of good colour on a page.

Rightly it was pointed out that a colourist adds a great deal of beauty and depth to a panel. They add everything that a good artist should.

So it seemed that we at NIA should add our voices to the choir.

Below is an example of some colouring from a Thor weekly comic from the early 1980s. The comic was almost entirely reprints (except for some covers and posters). This particular panel is from an early Jack Kirby drawn issue. Put out by Marvel UK at the start of their experiments with colour.

Up until this point UK weekly comics had in the most part been in black and white. But Marvel fans who often had access to the American issues were asking for colour interiors in their weekly comics too.

It may be that Marvel UKs hands were forced as it would seem that the process was unreliable at best and unreadable at worst.

Makes you see the worth of a good colourist.


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