Thursday, 31 January 2013

Spider-Man Photo Realistic!

Imagine if you will that it's the late 1970s and early 1980s.  None of us have got the internet or smart phones. Video shops are pretty hard to find and mostly a little shady when you do. Etc.

Now imagine that we had a weekly live action Spider-Man TV series. It's a bit shit but kinda fun (especially when there isn't much else about to watch).

OK. I know. I am being a bit harsh. When the Spider-Man TV series was being shown on British sets I was  just a kid and loved watching it every week. It got a bit lampooned by the press over here but I personally would have loved to see it run longer than it's short two seasons.

Marvel UK really threw themselves into the promotion of the comic by making use of quite a few photo covers. The previously named 'Spider-Man Weekly' became ' The Spider-Man TV Comic'. Being of the time many of the photos are a little banal (two men staring through a window on the cover of issue 460 for example). They also seem to have suffered from a lack of useable stills and the images were often repeated over and over as the series ran on.

So I thought for a bit of a walk down memory lane I would post some of the covers and interior pin ups on the blog. Hope you enjoy them.

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