Sunday, 17 November 2013

Another Kickstarter Rant.

Listen. Lots of people on Kickstarter's Comics Section are cool. There is a lot of real energy and creativity going on and some great products released already.

I'm not a big numbers backer on there but do visit the site a lot.

I think the main problem is that people treat it like a side project. For the customer it's not like that at all. We still pay money for a product. We also accept that we have to wait for it.


If you release a, let's say a book on comics for example.

You have not one but two release parties.

It's also now on sale in a number of book shops and being read already by people you know.

People are tweeting about it. 

Reviews are being posted.


For fuck's sake send it to the people who backed your project?

Don't ignore them on twitter.

And. Worst of all. After ignoring tweets from them post a photo of the beach you are laying on!

Try and be at least a little professional?

That beer you have in your hand may have been paid for by the backer after all!


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