Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A look back on 2013.

All said and done 2013 was a pretty awesome comics year.

Having collected for my whole reading life my excitement for the medium has never waned. But this year especially has reminded me what a great hobby I share with some of the best people I know.

I worry where comics will end up. Sure it's a big world out there but numbers are malingering. The movies have helped some as have the TV series and the like. But for quality of product we've never been stronger. Eventually Jo public will understand.

Some high points of my year go to prove all the above points. 

Listed in no particular order.

The friendship and comics chat of some great guys and girls at the Chaos City Comics Club where we meet every Saturday. Marc Laming, Matt Harrower, Alex Martin, Christian Wildgoose, Mark Foster, Ross O'Neill, Natasha and the guys at Chaos City Comics and Krypton Komics. We have had some great road trips to Thoughtbubble, Nerdfest, NYCC and a whole lot more. There's more planned and I look forward to each and every meet up.

Getting to know the great Pat Mills and discovering that we have so much in common. He's a true professional and has more ideas in a single page than most writers have in a whole series.

The NYCC this year was the best so far. Getting to spend time with old and new friends. Rachel and Jess Deering continue to make me chuckle and I look forward to seeing them soon.

Getting my name in the brilliant Kings Watch from Dynamite Comics was amazing! Thanks to the aforementioned Mr Laming. One of the most talented guys I know and a true gent. I have a feeling that great things lay ahead for this Comics Club alumni. 

Having a character named after me (well my twitter handle of 'Riptide') in an upcoming comic by the super talented Matt Harrower was also an excellent moment.

Meeting the guys from 11 O'Clock Comics and The Orbiting Podcasts and getting a shout out made me smile on a boring commute.

Returning to writing comics (coming out soon I promise) and getting to be the comics reviewer for beardrock.com

The movies. Shit Beans! When I was a kid, who thought that we would get movies of this quality!?

And finally, the comics themselves! Better written and drawn than ever before. There's a real richness and diversity of product out there. Long may it continue.

Roll on 2014!

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