Sunday, 1 December 2013

Review - Between The Billboards - Issue 1.

Between The Billboards: Part 1 – ‘Inevitable’.

Written and Drawn by O. D. Pomery.

Two pieces of barely illustrated grey and plain card enrap a number of White and grey images. But this parcel says so much more than the average comic and ina shorter time.

Perfectly reflecting the loneliness of a city. It uses static panels to reflect a quiet moment in the heart of a city. No interaction. No real speech of note. It’s a narrated story from start to finish. Commenting on the city and the people through billboards and wings.

It’s a short story in comic form that shows the life inside and outside of the space between two outward facing billboards in a nameless city. It’s part art project and part small press comic. It’s also truly beautiful in both the writing and the art.

It refreshingly poses humanely spoken feelings and questions of solitary reflection.

Then comes the parallel of the two billboards to the two upright wings of a butterfly. These are drawn with a minimalistic eye that says all that we need to hear. The parallel is almost unspoken. Just poetry in comics. This particular reader loved it.

The butterfly exists in the space between its wings as the bespectacled central character exists between the two arms of advertising billboards high in flight between the skyscrapers of a city..

The advertising is alive for mere moments in the eye of an observer as the life of a butterfly passes us by.

A book that sits in a pure moment. Existence portrayed as a fleeting moment of being.

It's a short book and in a small format.

It's layouts are simple and not much moves.

But then again it doesn't need to.

It’s well worth a look. I picked mine up at the London Comica Festival but you can get a copy through the creator’s website.


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