Saturday, 12 July 2014

Awesome signing at Chaos City Comics.

Today from 2pm was an absolutely awesome signing even at Chaos City Comics in St Albans, UK (I'll presume you have heard about it since I have been pimping the shit out of it for weeks!)

In attendance we had Dave 'Watchmen' Gibbons, Marc 'All New Invaders' Laming, Monty 'Death Sentence' Nero, Christian 'Porcelain' Wildgoose and Matt 'The Big Couch' Harrower. 

The shop was packed out for most of the afternoon!

The talent is lined up and ready for action!

Dave Gibbons tells Marc Laming a saucy story!

Matt Harrower gets mobbed!

Chris and Monty are hard at work.

Chris was busy sketching all day!

C'mon! No time for lunch! Get signing you slackers!

Scored this amazing print from Chris Wildgoose for a friend! This was done specially for the signing event and printed this week. Limited to only seventeen I managed to bag print number 1!

Also got these amazing postcards from Matt Harrower!

Big thanks are also due to Derek, James and Luke who run Chaos City. Dave Stokes who is always great company who popped down. Alex Martin who organised the great after meal. Robin Harman who surprised us with a fun visit and the ever brilliant Lara Margarida who popped up from London for the day. And my patient son The Boy Wonder for putting up with his geeky dad!

Oh. And a word to the wise. If you come out with the St Albans Comic Club - never, never leave your phone laying about! Peace and love!


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