Sunday, 31 August 2014

Comic Club on Tour 31/8/2914 - Dead Universe Comics.

Yesterday I went with two of the other members of Comics Club to Dead Universe Comics in Aylesbury (Matt HP Harrower was at a Stag Do so couldn't make it).

So myself Marc 'Monkey' Laming and Alex 'Galactus' Martin headed to the mighty Dead Universe in search of back issues. It's a great shop if you haven't been and the staff Pat and Ian are perhaps two of the most enthusiastic people I know in comics and always great to waste a few hours with.

On the search for back issues we were more than successful. I picked up a load of diverse books that I was looking for.

(And many, many more).

The other two also filled a few holes (Alex made me say that!)

Dead Universe are also a bit of a small press publishing empire and I bagged a couple of their books to review.

Both books are really fun and watch out for reviews of them both soon.

I thoroughly recommend a trip to the shop and get Ian the manager to let you upstairs so you can wade through the long boxes (I think we were there somewhere in the region of three hours).

You can find the manager Ian Hine on Twitter @DeadUniverse and his partner in crime Patrick 'PatMan' Cline (and the writer of Little Terrors - Origins: A Living Hell) @patmancline


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