Sunday, 24 August 2014

'Grand Gestures' - Simon Moreton.

A welcome change of pace on a Bank Holiday weekend kind of sums up why I picked up and read 'Grand Gestures' by Simon Moreton.

A stalwart of the UK indie comics scene Simon does more with a couple of lines than a lot of artists do with a whole comic.

Stories of everyday life are stripped down to the bare minimum in an experiment in poignancy. 

Gestures was printed in 2013 but is new to me. It tells three stories of travel. Of fields, motorways, service areas and of the moments that dwell in these places. It's restful, magnificently sequential and puts you at ease like music to the eyes.

Always thoughtful it has a continuous tone that is hard to pull away from.

I'd read this straight after The Multiversity by Grant Morrison had ripped my brain stem out and I couldn't think of a more perfect time to feel Gestures cooling waves.  Just perfection.

Find Simon's work over at or you can follow him on Twitter @smoo_comics


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