Friday, 21 July 2017

In Review - 'Chunks' issue 3.

'Chunks' issue 3.

Written by Matt Garvey.
Art by Cris Canfailla.

The Story - The punk rock band called 'The Pineapple Chunks' continue their shambolic rise to fame. This mentally unhinged band manage to cadge themselves a guest spot on a cool drive time show out of a radio station in Los Angeles. A show conveniently called 'You Got It From Dick!'

Of course nothing goes to plan. There is a robbery and some added 'complications'....

The Review - Get ready for one of those really cheap comparisons. Chunks is like a mixtape of 'The Bash Street Kids', 'Airheads' and 'The Filth and The fury'. How does that work? Now pay attention because I actually carry on by reviewing the content and not making shit-arse comments.

Chunks issue 1 was the first comic I encountered by Mr Matt Garvey. It's also still my favourite (with Ether a close second). He throws any Social Justice Warrior type caution to the wind and is gloriously and triumphantly irreverent in a comic that has such incidents as an old woman getting smacked in the face with a tin of fruit, two band mates having a really crap fight, a rubbish robbery attempt and the sexual assault of a bagel.

(Don't lie, we've all looked at a bagel and had the same thought...)

Matt and Cris do not give a flying fuck who they lampoon, take the piss out of or throw into the mix. There are no feelings being bruised because everyone gets a fair dose of the poo stick! This comic is rude, sexy, violent and very funny. It also has a 'told you so' ending that had me smiling.

We need more like this....

Matt writes some dialogue that is a cross between what you hear people say on the bus and what you really want to hear people say on the bus. Sharply cutting and full of punk character at every turn. I kind of get the feeling that Sid himself would get a few chuckles from this comic.

Cris on art perfectly renders the tone that is required in this comic. He has a great feel for character and motion. (He also perfectly depicts the sadness of the bagel - loved and then left alone on the shelf!) I can't wait to see what he comes up with next. 

I luckily got to see a preview copy of the last issue of the current storyline and highly recommend it to passing strangers, bakers, punk rockers and even Social Justice Warriors.

Head over to to grab a copy or follow him on Twitter @mattgarvey81 

Many thanks for reading.

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