Sunday, 16 July 2017

Small Press Invades Swindon!

The Incredible Comic Shop in Swindon has some spiffy new premises in The Plaza Brunel Centre and welcomed the great unwashed of the Small Press Community to a Small Press Signing Day on Saturday the 15th of July. I popped along and bothered people.

I crept in to support some pals and it turned out to be a great day with plenty of footfall. It was an event organised by the Mighty Sarah harris who is a comics fan and a regular at this shop. She wanted to be involved and spread the love of comics, she told me. Sarah devours comics and has been a friend of The Awesome Comics Podcast since it began. It was great to see her and chat about small (and big) comics.

The guest was like a line up at Wormwood Scrubs. My old mucker Vincent Hunt was there with his comics The Red Mask From Mars, Stalkerville and his new 'Mandy the Monster Hunter' stories in the Comichaus anthology. (Higghly recommended)

Tune in to the podcast I'm on with Mr Hunt and Dan 'Guns' Butcher as we'll be having a good old chinwag about the event at

Pop over and say hi to this particular gangster at or follow him on Twitter @jesterdiablo

I bumped in to Matt Garvey at Membury Services and grabbed some fuel/breakfast for the day. We chatted about his new and upcoming work and I can't wait to see issue 3 of punk band tomfoolerycomic  'Chunks'! Here he is in a photo trying not to look 'awkward'! 

Matt is a machine and sells comics like hot cakes! (It occurs to me that a lot of moaners could watch and learn from this creator!)

Find Matt at and on Twitter @MattGarvey1981

Creative beast (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) Nick Prolix was there. He is a class act! His work (as shown above) has such a great quality to it's line and execution. He was there selling his retro story anthology 'Slang Pictorial' to Swindonites. Yoou need to see this guy's work! I'm currently working on a story with him and I am loving every moment of it!

Grab some copies at and follow him on Twitter @nickprolix

Matt Gibbs and Sara Dunkerton are two of the funniest and most talented people in comics. Their anthropomorphic adventure series 'Mulp' is a freaking masterclass in quality art and detail. I grabbed a copy at C.I.C.E. last weekend and got a great sketch from Sara.

This is gearing up to be one of my books of the year and you seriously need to get in on the ground floor before they hit the big time.

Headd over to for a copy and follow the mice adventures on Twitter @MULPcomic

Lasst but never least was comics power couple Emily 'Baracus' Owen and Gavin Mitchell. Both of them were there with their freshly relased comics. Emily has been a soaring success with her mental illness diary comic 'Brain Shoodles' (tripling it's Kickstarter amount in under ten days) and Gavin had the absolutely flipping amazing 'Trolltooth Wars' (see if you can spot me being unhelpful in it's pages?)

They are also two of the biggest promoters of the medium on the scene and great fun to stop by and chat to!

Pop over and get a copy of 'Brain Shoodles' at or follow her on Twitter @TomboyPrincess.

Grab 'Trolltooth Wars' with art by Gavin and written by PJ Montgomery at and follow him on Twitter @bobgoblynn

Excuse my language but this was a fucking excellent day and Sarah Harris put on a great show for her local comic shop that hopefully will grow in to many more in the future. I cchatted to all the tablers and they had a great day both socially and in sales. A credit to the shop and organsier running such a smooth day!

I got a chance to chat to the guys from the shop - Troy Loveday, Johnathan Brown and Keefer Bishop and they are hugely enthusiatic about the medium and spent the day chatting about actual ruddy comics - very refreshing!

You can find 'The Incredible Comic Shop' at or at 21 The Plaza, The Brunel Centre, Swindon, SN1 1LF.

Many thanks for reading.

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