Thursday, 14 June 2018

A Photo Report of Studio Dreams.

I have to admit that few things these days get me to head into London’s East End. An area that I spent a lot of time in during the late 80s and early 90s. A place that was an altogether different place back then. It wasn’t the art that was edgy back then but the people. 

Yesterday’s comics trip didn’t start that well. After finishing work at a reasonable hour for a change I headed to Mare Street. I thought that since I was a touch early I’ll pop into a nearby pub (for arguments sake let’s call it ‘The Top Not’). I ordered an overpriced soft drink and sat in the reclaimed railway sidings bench to read a book. I had a look at the menu. Alongside Pizza and Pasta they are serving ‘Doughnuts with Nutella and local jam’.

I think I need some good art in my eyes.

Good job there was an exhibition opening nearby with just that!

Last night was something of an event. To celebrate the special tenth edition of Nobrow Magazine themed ‘Studio Dreams’ they have teamed up with ELCAF and SPACE to curate a series of collaborative projects. The SPACE gallery in Hackney will feature not only the seventy artists featured in the new tenth edition but also specially commissioned pieces by Andrew Rae, Yucaipa Du, Grace Helmer, Patrick Kyle and Tor Brandt. 

The illustrations have spilled from books and easels and computer screens onto the walls of this exhibition hall. I would happily have bought all the pieces and taken them home!

(I am not planning a burglary!)

Anyway. Here is the art and some photos of the event. And splendid it was!

(A collection of the art you can find at SPACE and also in the pages of Nobrow 10.)

(This multimedia installation by Yukai Du was outstanding!)

(We await the Moon Headed band and their organically crafted set!)

(This piece by Patrick Kyle cunningly occupied a large and spacious corner of the venue. Like an artist stuck in the corner of his studio making use of the window’s light to draw. A personal favourite.)

(In the opposite corner was a three dimensional set of an idealised drawing table. Looking out onto the inspirational. With some added potted plants hanging in space. Gorgeous art by Tor Brandt.)

If you fancy heading down, and I recommend that you do whether you like doughnuts of not, then you can find this at SPACE, 129-131 Mare Street, London, E8 3RH.

The show is running until the 16th of June.

You can find out more about the events leading up to the mighty East London Comics Art Festival at

See you at ELCAF!

Many thanks for reading.

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