Monday, 3 September 2018

Nobrow and Thoughtbubble a perfect double act!

So.... Thoughtbubble huh? Still the big event of the comics year here in the UK. This year is looking like a cracking event.

I’ll be there with my first convention outing for Nobrow and their great children’s’ book imprint Flying Eye. A publisher that you’ve seen a lot in reviews and interviews by me both on here and on The Awesome Comics Pod. I am genuinely, as well as being employed by this company, a huge fan of their output. They have books of real quality and contain some of the best art and stories you are likely to see anywhere.

You can find the Nobrow goodness in the Victoria Hall at table 28 (handy map attached below).

So with the convention only a few short weeks away I thought I could feature a few of the newer books and special items we’ll have on sale there.

An Illustrated History of Filmmaking

Adam Allsuch Boardman


Hardback | 88pp | 185 x 245 mm £16.99 | ISBN 978-1-910620-40-3

An essential read for any film lover, this beautifully illustrated volume explores the tradition of filmmaking that stretches from today’s blockbusters back to its roots in prehistory.

Emerging talent Adam Allsuch Boardman guides the reader on an epic filmmaking journey that covers cameras, directors and stars through the ages. Landmark films and innovations in technology and composition are presented with endearing, stylized illustration in a celebration of cinema’s profound impact on entertainment and the way we see and remember the world.’

I’ve just seen this one as it came as newly revealed in the box of stock I got from the offices last Friday. I was counting and cataloguing the items for sale and had to take a pause to look at this great graphic novel.

It is another gorgeous hardback book with a striking black cover. It doesn’t mess about in setting out in a fun way the movies of our time. It lays out the industry with a. Combination of history, comedy, warmth, caricature and opinion. Just a fun book for anyone with even a casual interest in the medium.

Highly recommended.

If you cant make it to Thoughtbubble then head to And get a copy.

Also follow Nobrow on Twitter @NobrowPress and Flying Eye can be found @FlyingEyeBooks

See you there!

Many thanks for reading.

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  1. Looks better than I first thought. Interesting.