Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Honest Review Months Goes Audio (Again)!

Today we are back to the audio format with a great chat between myself and the comics creator Johnny Cannon. After a small amount of confusion that I have to cough to we decided to talk about a short run on a nineties Marvel Comic called Quasar. Why did we choose this book? Because it contains the underrated art of one Mike Manley.

For those unfamiliar with Mike’s art it’s worth noting that he moved over into the field of animation for a decade or more after a good few hundred issues of art in the pencils and inky areas. He’s back drawing comics again and currently working on the Phantom newspaper strip as well as teaching illustration.

We have had a blast reliving a bygone era and the conversation goes all over the place.

You can hear it here and leave comments on this blog or find me on Twitter @Ezohyez.

You can find old JC and his comics here https://cannonhillcomics.bigcartel.com/ and find him on Twitter @Cannonhillcomics

Many thanks for listening.

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