Saturday, 30 April 2011

Alagg is arriving tomorrow.

Alagg is riding in to this blog tomorrow.

It is the first of a daily web comic from the mind of Paul Rose who is also on art chores with a writing assist from myself.

As well as being on Never Iron Anything he is appearing over at Deviant Art along with all of Paul's other art.

Pop over and have a look

Below is a short prose piece that sets the scene for Alagg's stories.


Alagg walks under grey skies.  It has not always been thus.  On many a time his back has reddened under glaring yellow Suns.  He has felt it's heat as he strode the barren deserts of Glenedia, the loftlty rooftops of the Royal City of Altazar and the battlefields of Gornyire.
He has spent time as a buccaneer and felt the splash of water from many a sea and ocean.  Swords and damsels.  His life was never dull.
Only a short few weeks ago his life was full with adventure, riches and lust.
But the world is a changing place.  He had heard stories from wiser and older men than he.  Stories of quieter times where the ebb and flow of the fates had made peace commonplace.
Alagg was not sure that he liked Peace.
He had never felt more alive than when blood was in his eyes.  Never caring if the blood was his or another's.  His strong sword arm raised and his lungs full of shouting anger.
Now all he seemed to do was sleep.
And get nagged.
No more desperate raids, no more running battles, no more dangerous capers.
The world has become old and men have become fat, lazy and weak.
He has returned home to his village to home cooking, boring jobs and a swine of a wife.
A grin then played across Alagg's lips.
'One more visit to the brothel in the courtyard' he said to himself.

Alagg and Family

Make sure that you pop back tomorrow to see the start of the comic.

I promise that things will get pretty weird!


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