Friday, 15 April 2011

The Boy Wonder Reviews (Teen Titans 91).

The newest installment of an irregular series where my 13 year old son reviews comics he is reading.  Today he has decided to review Teen Titans 91.

Have fun.


Teen Titans #91.

Publisher DC Comics.

Writer - J.T. Krul.
Penciler - Nicola Scott .
Inkers - Doug Hazlewood and Scott Koblish.
Editor - Rachel Gluckstern.
Cover art - Nocola Scott and Doug Hazlewood.

In this issue the Titans fight Headcase, an information absorbing crazy person, as well as hundreds of genetically modified students.  The art is as good as usual and the fight scenes are brilliant.  Although slightly crazy.  One thing I found annoying about this particular issue was the story has the tendency to jump around to confusing points.  Though this may be because I am not completely up to date with this run of comics.  If you are going to buy this comic make sure that you know what's happening.  Kid Flash is my favourite character in the Teen Titans team.  He has really cool powers and a really interesting past.  I am going to continue reading this comic.  I think that the Teen Titans are my favourite team at the moment.  I liked the cover a lot but would not like to see it like this every time as I like to know what is happening in the comic.

Art - 9 out of 10.
Story - 6 out of 10.


There you have it.  My son's pull list at the Local Comic Shop consists of anything Deadpool, Generation Lost, Green Lantern, anything Blue Betle and the Teen Titans.

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  1. Excellent review! And I agree , the art is really good and dynamic.

  2. Thanks Jeppe. Much appreciated. I will let the Boy Wonder know. (He says 'cool'. :)