Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Boy Wonder Reviews. (Deadpool Team-Up 883).

As part of our ongoing series.

This time I asked the Boy Wonder (my 13 year old son) what his favourite comic was in his stack and he chose the just ended and last issue of Deadpool Team-Up.

He reviewed it as below.


Deadpool Team-Up issue 883.

Writer - Skottie Young.
Artist - Ramon Perez.
Colours - Andres Mossa.

The main reason that I reviewed this comic is the charater.  Deadpool is a crazy, murdering psycho who talks to himself more than any other character.  He is definately my favourite character at the moment.  Though some would argue that he doesn't work in space I would disagree and that him being in space allows the reader to see his reactions to the strangeness of the Galaxy.  Space is where he belongs.

In this issue Deadpool becomes the herald for Galactus which leads to a fight with the Silver Surfer.  deadpool heads through space in his crazy mix of a surfboard and a tractor.  This issue has some brilliant and funny speech that you will have to read to enjoy.

The art for this comic keeps with the slightly cartoony style of the series.  The best art in the comic is the page where Deadpool destroys Galactus' patience.

I have read that this is the last issue of the series, it has gone out fighting.

Art - 9 out of 10.
Story - 9 out of 10.
Money spent on Guinea Pigs! - $25,896-92.


There you have it.  I have not read a Deadpool comic for a while but read this one on the recommendation of the BW.  I actually thought it was pretty funny and reminded me of a good Ambush Bug comic from the 1980s.

But then again, nobody wants to know what I think.

See you on the wrinkled other side of Wednesday!


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