Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Francis Ford Coppola and White Castle Burgers.

Francis Ford Coppola.  Director of films such as Apocalypse Now  and Jack. 

White Castle. 

A funny thing happened in the car from my hotel in Midtown Manhattan to JFK yesterday.

I had got one of those sedan cars as an easy option to getting a New York taxicab and was chatting to the driver on our journey to JFK airport after a long weekend at The New York Comicon.

During our drive the driver got a phone call from his office.  This is what I heard.

'Yes I know.  I have to pick up Francis Coppola at 5pm.  I have loads of time.'

'He wants a what?  Sorry?'

'So he wants two White Castle burgers?'


'Oh.  So he wants two White Castle Burger wrappers.'

'Yeah.  Ok.'

he finished the phone call and I asked him what that had been all about.  He told me that he had to pick up 'The famous film director Francis Ford Coppola' and that before he did that he had to get two White Castle burgers.  He could eat the actual burgers but Francis wanted the wrappers.

I made a comment something along the lines of 'Hollywood huh?'

The driver then said 'I'm gonna charge him $20 for all that!'

We then laughed.

This is a genuine story.  Even I wouldn't make that kind of crap up.


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