Saturday, 15 October 2011

New York Comicon 2011 - Friday Madness.

It's fair to say that the Friday at Con upped the footfalls on the isles.  The walk I had at 8.15am (for a 10am opening time) to the end of the line to get in was almost as long as the walk I had from the hotel to the convention centre.  How can comics be in trouble with this many people wanting to read them.  Sadly many people were clearly only there for the toys, movies and computer games (and the fucking Cosplayers!).  Once in I headed straight for the still quiet artists alley and got to meet a few more heroes.

First up was Geoff Darrow who was really great to talk with.  I got a small sketch and a signed print and we spoke about Convention madness and the fever of some fans to fight their way through the crowds.  He also spoke about Shaolin Cowboy and how it's been seemingly abandoned by Miramax after the financial downtown.  Geoff has been working non stop on the animation and sounds like something I would have lovd to see.  You never know it might eventually get a release.

I then bagged two signed prints from Chris Burnham ( and on Twitter @TheBurnham).  He is a genuine talent and myself and The Boy Wonder loved his work on Batman.
A Deadpool print for The Boy Wonder.

A Rocket Racoon v/s Galactus for my good self.

I then caught up with the always great company Mark Mazz of Atlas Unleashed Comics ( and we chatted about his new book Crimson Rose artists Grey Williamson and N. Steven Harris.  It's a police hunt a female serial killer story that looks amazing and will be well worth a hunt down.  I scored from him two invites to the Indy After Party which should be a blast.

I spent most of the day in the isles and diving in to the Dollar Boxes.  I got some harder to find items that you don't see often in the UK (all for a $1 each).

I may well have a later start on the Saturday as I then had a very pleasant evening with top artist and great geezer Adrian Hashami (and his lovely wife Amri) at Kennedys on 57th Street.  Much comics and movies were talked about and beer drunk.  Very cool indeed.


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