Sunday, 29 July 2018

It’s the way forward.....

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Let’s all take a moment to worship at the altar of Reality.

Before I begin I must point out that I fall into the guilty side of the isle in much of this conversation....

Let’s ask the questions to ourselves about ourselves. What are we wasting our spare time on?

You know the are probably looking at it now....come back....

What effect is social media having on how we create and how others create? I’m going to focus a little bit more on writing because I have had a slight yet pretty bloody obvious revelation over the last week.

The internet and Social media in particular It is a constant chatter. I have, for my shame, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (I’m not a teenager for fucks sake!). I have in the past looked at and interacted with these platforms on a daily basis. The voices of people that I both admired and found incredibly annoying have been echoing in my eyes for years now and I suspect it is a similar situation for many others.

How could this fail to affect/influence our writing.

Let’s face it, other than the replies to videos on Youtube it’s Twitter that contains the most deluded and stupid commentary on daily life. Twitter is often factually incorrect and full of imagined expertness, pompous self importance and often the only place that sad shut ins get to shout their mouths off. People believe that their relationships on this platform are realistic and genuine. They believe that their actual verbal humour can translate into making them a Twitter sensation (nearly always it does not).

Let’s face it, a big chunk of Twitter is just baby talk!

Staring at the opinions of others on our glowing screens is stopping us just plain being ourselves. We are seriously losing that sense of ourselves, it is slipping away with every scroll.

So I stepped away. Not completely. I value some areas of Twitter. It’s great for getting the word out there for people and art that is work promoting. But for getting in stupid discussions - nah gangsta!

I’m sure that none of the above is a great revelation to those thinking people amongst us....

In this retreat from the boringly self infatuated I have found that my writing has increased in word count by at least twice and I am also finding that I am able to dig deeper into what I want to translate onto the page. That story I know I have always wanted to write is within reach and I can feel more honestly what I’m getting down on paper and with more clarity.

Give it a go. Just for a couple of days.

It’s like that time I stopped Crack Cocaine for an afternoon.

Many thanks for reading.

Now fuck off and read some comics, breathe them in.... then fail to mention on Twitter how cool you are for reading them! (Please).

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