Thursday, 19 July 2018

Take a moment.....


What’s your sweet spot.

What happens when you are the happiest.

It could be when you are out with friends? Or on holiday with your family? Listening to a great song? Watching your favourite team win? Dancing at a gig? Seeing a great movie for the first time? Having a moment to yourself and doing nothing?

For me its been the same for all my life. It’s when I’m reading comics. All the way from the 1970s and Marvel UK, through 2000 AD and Warrior, through DC Comics and the Bronze Age. Through the comics explosion/implosion. Through the age of the writer and the age of the trade and it continues every single day now with comics, trades, small press, digital and so on.

The feeling of bliss still resonates when I read a comic. When I find that one that I really enjoy, I don’t rush and I breathe it in.

I still daydream and think about comics as I walk home and as I work.

There’s not a feeling on this earth that I haven’t felt whilst reading a comic. It is an amazing medium.

You can still be a functioning and successful person every day in the job of your choice. A confident person full of jokes and jabs.

But.... what it does allow you is a Split Level Reality.

Thanks for reading.

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