Friday, 12 April 2019

Kickstarter Call-Out - ‘Saffron’ from Samuel London and Rosie Alexander.


Written by Samuel George London.

Art and Lettering by Rosie Alexander.

Published by Fair Spark Books.

24 pages - Full Colour.

Currently on Kickstarter

The Story - ‘Whilst on holiday, Saffron Sizemore falls through a wormhole and suddenly appears at the Spacetime Academy For Fundamental Representatives Of NEXUS or completely coincidentally, SAFFRON for short.

Once at SAFFRON the academy, Saffron the girl manages to enlist herself into the academy and as well as training to become a spacetime officer, she tries to find her way back home but no one knows where, or even when Earth is.....’

The Preview - I have had a little look at the script and some of the design work that is going on in this great new project. Intended as part of a new series for young reader this is genuinely a breath of fresh air in the comics world. It’s intelligently written in a way that both younger readers and adults can enjoy. 

Like all good fiction this has real drama and a sense of danger for Saffron and her twin sister Jasmine. The series also has a bundles of fun and non stop adventure. You’ll fall in love with all these characters and get swept along with the story from page one.

Don’t just take my word for it, here are some recommendations from younger readers that Sam and Rosie have shown the book to:

"The colours are great and I love Jazz and Saff. I can’t wait to read about all of Saff’s adventures. I wonder if she will be in trouble with Mum and Dad!" Jemima, 10, Hampshire

"As a lover of science I found the story really captured my imagination, plus the art is awesome!" Mia,13, West Sussex

"The colours and drawings are awesome, and I can't wait to see more" Dexter, 9, London

"Saffron is very cool and I can't wait to see her next adventures in time!" Lara, 9, Worcestershire.

And as well as you receiving your rewards, if you back at a Hospital Gift Copy level (£12) and above you'll be adding a copy of SAFFRON: Spacetime Academy Adventures #1 to the Little Heroes Comics kit, who provide comic making kits to children with long term illnesses in hospital.

Rewards also include colouring books, sticker sets and enamel badges. There are also some top secret stretch goals ready that you are going to love!

So get pledging. Here is that link again

(It also has a super cool editor).

Many thanks for reading.

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