Thursday, 26 March 2020

In Review - ‘The Penned Guin: Treasury Edition Vol 2’ by Alan Henderson.

The Penned Guin - Treasury Edition Vol2 - "Don't Judge Me!"

Created by Alan Henderson.

£10.00 - Black and White interiors - 188 pages.

The Story - ‘Don't Judge Me! - is the all new treasury edition from the award winning webcomic.

The Penned Guin comic strip features the fun antics of an all too human like  group of penguins penned by writer/artist Alan Henderson. With family friendly penguin humour for all, the daily webcomic has been running for over 6 years featuring puns, dad jokes and cringing gags. 

The new treasury edition features the second 500 comic strips of the daily comic that were original presented online from August 2015 through June 2017 before being collected into the four Penned Guin comic books – We Waddlers; Ice House; To Coldly Go…; and The Sunday Postings.’

The Review - Listen. I’m a Dad so Dad jokes are my thing.  If I ever use up all those zingers then I will fear not as this and other Penned Guin books by Mr Henderson will be my comedy routine saviour.

I’ve said it before but it bears saying again..... this book is toilet reading material perfection! Grab your copy and stick it in the downstairs shitter. Why bother staring at the monotonous and dreadful Tweets of wankers like me when you can pick up this gorgeous treasury edition and leaf through the ‘funnies’.

There is a remarkable amount of self-awareness and a knowingness in each short story. It’s that connection with the reader that makes this such a joy.

Not every single joke lands completely but even when they fail a bit you get a laugh at the machine gunning of jokes both good and bad throughout this volume. Alan puts out pretty much a strip of some kind every day and he is well worth following on social media. Details below.

I think that rather than dissecting all these strips I’ll just post a couple so that you get a feeling of what they are really like.

You can find a copy of this at Alan’s webstore here

You can read a daily strip over at and follow Alan on Twitter @Shadow1972

Many thanks for reading.

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