Friday, 15 June 2012

Marvel UK longbox review.

The Mighty World of Marvel issue number 10 from 1984.

Captain Britain by Alan Moore and Alan Davis was actually the black and white back up strip to the Cloak and Dagger (mostly) coloured main strip.

The Cap strip almost refused to die throughout a big chunk of Marvel UK history and these strips are definitely a high point in his run.

It also had an illustrated text piece of Night Raven by Jamie Delano that featured spot illustration by Alan Davis.

The magazine had a short lived Showcase section for new work and this issue features 'Disenchantment' by Simon Jacob. Just prior to the story is a short biog of Jacob that also makes a point of mentioning how poor his lettering was in his story. It's not a bad story and has a touch of the 'Wizards' movie about it.

This issue also features Fanzine reviews (who out there remembers Albert the Mouse?).

The back cover is a real 80s classic. An advert for The Amazing Spider-Man 'New Disco Record'.

Apologies. The badge has long gone missing.


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