Saturday, 2 June 2012

This Week's Stack - 02/06/2012.

Quite a big week in comics purchasing and here are some snapshots of what I thought.


X-Men Legacy 267.  This is part of the AvX event and is very Rogue centric.  She comes into her own and proves that she is to be feared (a long time coming from my point of view incidentally).  One of the X-Men groups steps off of the sidelines and joins the fight.  There are also some great moments with Moon Knight (great knuckle dusters there sir) who is used in an interesting way.  Feels part of the overall event and gives a lot of the characters some needed depth and gives space to the event as a whole.  Liked it.

New Mutants 43 (Exiled Part 5 of 5). Not read this yet but looks interesting (apart from the intro page that looks like it has come straight out of a mid 1980s bubblegum advert).

X-Men 29. Best dialogue of the week (a kid) 'You're a big smelly stupid head with a dumb chin.' (Skrull) 'Shaddup.'  Pixie comes in to her own for this issue and it all takes place out of continuity with the AvX event.  It generally works well as a short story and there are a couple of great moments with Spidey.  There is also the best single Punisher advert ever for 'Space Punisher.' (They need to make a poster out of that).

Hulk Smash Avengers 5 of 5.  They left the best for last with this issue.  Oeming and The Red Hulk kill it. Another great postcard too.

Wolverine and The X-Men 11.  Probably my least favourite X-Men title and the one bit of Jason Aaron writing that I am not really feeling.  The story is fairly well crafted but needs a little focus on single characters for longer in my opinion.  The art seems a little 'childish' (?) but that may just be me.

The Incredible Hulk 8.  By far my favourite cover of the week.  The interior is the happy love making of Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon.  It certainly doesn't feel like your average Hulk book and is a little bit 'mental' (can I say that).  But is a great read and loved Punisher shooting the Hulk in the face to 'Stay Angry.'  Shame this couldn't have the Punisher/Hulk team up every month.

Wolverine 307.  Not read it yet (but a superb Samnee cover).

FF 18. Not top of my stack for a while now so will get round to it eventually.


Supercrooks 3.  This book is turning into a superb crime book.  Like Stark's Parker was a Super Villain.  Loving it so far.

Powers 10.  Probably past it's best but I still love this book.  The initial splash pages seem a little bit of a too easy option.  It fucks with our conceptions of hero as always and uses media in a clever way.  Worth sticking with and a great ending.


Batman - Annual 1.  Not got to it yet.

Animal Man - Annual 1.  Waiting to read this tomorrow and really looking forward to it.  The art looks superb.


America's Got Powers 2.  I absolutely loved issue 1.  Issue 2 was rattling along nicely when (Oh Look) David Tennant turned up.  Kind of pulled me out of the story a little.  I really like Ross' writing and have never felt like it was overwritten.  He fits a lot into this book and I loved the last panel.  Some great twisting in the script too.  This should read well in trade.

Boom Studios.

Exile on the Planet of the Apes 3 of 4.  My book of the week (as you can see in the previous entry).  Best Ape book so far.  Loved it.


Star Trek: The Next Generation and Doctor Who 1.  I had such high hopes.  An appalling mess. Who thought that this was worth putting out.  Photo reference shite.

Hawken 4.  This looks great.  About to dig into it after typing this.


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