Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Drunk Reading 100 Bullets.

Whilst re reading volume 8 of 100 Bullets I am struck by an idea.

The Conspiracy that runs throughout the book seeks to convince the reader that the World has been run for years by a secret organisation.

This is a regularly trotted out theory by the crackpots of the world. Be it Masons, the Illuminati or some other shadowy group. Some believe that our destiny is controlled by an out of reach secret society behind their age old traditions and purple velvet drapes.

The truth is in fact worse.

Those politicians and heads of industry we see on the 24 hour news cycle. They control our destiny. They hold our lives in their hands.

And let's face it. Most of them are brainless bellends!

That is more frightening.

More frightening 'cos if that is the stark truth then we are fucked.

Anyway. My drinking and reading 100 Bullets continues.


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