Saturday, 23 June 2012

My first bad review.

'Let's not dwell on it. '

'Let's be positive.'

'Comics are great.'

'Let's not encourage rumours.'

'Journalism is all about balance.'

You will not read any of the above phrases in Bleeding Cool issue 0.

What you do get is something that looks like it was made by a media class at a sixth form college.

Full of snarky articles (many of which are obvious plugs for people and companies we know are 'friends' of Rich Johnson.)

The news articles are laughable and make The News of the World look like Joyce. (see photo below).

Please stop.

This crap is not helping comics.

This crap actually makes me bored!

Seriously? That photo on page 3 is one of the most embarrassing things I ever saw on paper.


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