Sunday, 29 July 2012

Cover of the Day.

Resident Alien issue 3.

This was a great little series from Dark Horse Comics about an alien living in small town USA who gets roped in to play Doctor and Detective.

Written by Peter Hogan and drawn by the little seen Steve Parkhouse (of Warrior magazine's Bojeffries Saga) it's a real gem. Issue zero came from the collected stories in Dark Horse Presents and there are a couple if art changes between that and the main series. For the better actually and it seems to breath more in issues 1 to 3.

Apart from one character knowing he is never outed as a little green man (kinda) so it mainly stays as a murder mystery.

I see that Panel Borders podcast have an interview up so I will probably have a listen to that and I look forward to the second series.

You should pick it up. It's refreshingly well told and a pretty cool premise that could well run and run.


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