Monday, 30 July 2012

Dark Avengers / Thunderbolts.

Dark Avengers issue 178.

This is a great issue (they seem to be coming out almost weekly at the moment) in a series of standout issues.

Split currently between two storylines that are both written by Jeff Parker. There is the new Dark Avengers team being drawn by Declan Shalvey with the Thunderbolts pages being drawn by Kevin Walker (both equally excellent).

Whilst Luke Cage struggles to maintain control over the Dark Avengers the lost in time Thunderbolts struggle to return to their own time.

There are some awesome action pieces and some pretty hilarious dialogue but where Parker shines for me is managing to juggle all the characters in this book. Everyone seems fully realised and more importantly constantly interesting.

The current Thunderbolts versus a character that is obviously not Judge Dredd in any way is superb.

If you can pick up the Arthurian issues. Some of the best art in a Marvel book I have seen in years.

This (like Rucka's Punisher) is one of Marvel's standout monthly books. It can be read without any lengthy event crossovers bothering the reader. It could (and I am hazarding a guess here) do with a little more love? Maybe?

Get aboard.


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