Saturday, 28 July 2012

More Hard Case Crime.

Tearing through a few more of these Hard Case Crime books again and loving them.

They caused me to discover Lawrence Block. A superb crime writer who is right up there with Donald E Westlake for me.

Full of two timing gritty crime noir. If you are enjoying comics like The Rinse from Boom Studios or any of the Darwyn Cooke Parker books from IDW these should be your next stop.

Some of the books are reprints from the era they were written in (some from the 1950s and many from the decades leading up to today) and some of the books are originals. For the more recent books I can recommend anything by Jason Starr. (His 'Max' trilogy are a rollicking ride of violence, sex and crime).

All good shysters and grifters should grab one at least.


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