Friday, 12 April 2013

A Rant!

Bit of a different approach today in Review Month.  Mostly spurred on by abuse of the Kickstarter website.


Kickstarter and it's like are a great tool for getting work out there when adopted correctly.  They can also be  an excuse for someone to pump out the same old shite and get paid up front for it.

Did we really need a Kickstarter for a Cyber Force comic? If the public really wanted it they would have been buying it regularly and it would finance itself.  Why is it that someone who has made huge amounts of cash in the past go cap in hand to the public for financing on an already existing and in comics shops product.

Kickstarter should be, can be and often is for that original concept. That thing that the big companies don't want to take a chance on.  Put it in front of the public and see how you get on.

I have been watching the progress of a particularly annoying member of the UK comics community and his campaign.  Have a look at his Twitter stream and it is just a long banal list of 'Please RT' and 'Come on you lot' messages. He has quite honestly turned his magazine from something to nothing, embarrassing himself in the process.

This individual has spent virtually nothing on the campaign and has a series of incentives that seem like passing excuses for bargains.

I shit you not - one of them is that he will come to 'your place of business' and talk about his favourite comics (all part of a £500 donation package). Seriously? The ladies at my work would see him and call security! (A little harsh maybe). You would know what I mean if you saw his very creepy video presentation skills. All I will say is that internet dating is not for him.

This person's product is vastly over priced and has been around for decades anyway.  Just because he fancies a bit more cash and some 'comics fame' he has decided to go cap in hand to us.

To actually get the hardback you have to shell out £100. (Seems too steep.)

I write this with three days to go on his campaign.

He is about two thirds of his way to a total.

He has just announced that if he doesn't meet the amount he will go with 'Plan B'. Well if you have a plan B what the fuck are you doing on Kickstarter?

Sometimes (and this always happens when I see Rich Johnson tweet something snarky) I feel ashamed of being a Britsih comics fan.  I feel like shouting 'He has NOTHING to do with me!' These sort of comics hanger-ons deserve to be left in the past and let the rest of us get on with loving comics.

No place for these snarky twats.

Smiley face, clown hat.

And irony is unrecognised in the genius.

If you see me I will perform an interpretive dance in the style of this bloke!


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