Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Review Month - Indestructible Hulk.

Indestructible Hulk - Issue 6.

Writer - Mark Waid.
Artist - Walt Simonson.
Colourist - Andres Morta.

Publisher - Marvel Comics.

First an admission. I own Indestructible Hulk issue 1 to 5. Not read them yet. Sure they are great an' all. But like a lot of things in my life I have not got round to them yet.

The answer to your next two questions are 'Yes' and 'Simonson'.

Mr Simonson's work on the Red Hulk in the Avengers issue is one of my favourites from the last few years so this is gonna be great as well.

As the set up reads, the green Hulk (or rather Banner) is making himself useful by working for SHIELD. There has been an underwater thing with Attuma and he is back in the lab.

After a 'Hulk Missile' page 1 we get the back of a lady at a desk preparing to kill herself. (All done in a recent flashback). She then gets an incoming message with a SHIELD insignia. Looks nice. Great pacing. I am intrigued.

Back to the present day and Banner and his team are in the lab experimenting with an Uru fragment that was a present from Thor. They create a dimensional gateway (wake a young looking Thor). They suit up and head off to an icy Asguardian realm (Jotunheim). Young Thor, Frost Giants, fighting, Hulk out. And a great little story twist at the end (hint, have a look at the cover).

It all works well. Makes sense. And leaves me keen to read issue 7.

Waid is, above all, an intelligent writer. He thinks of twists and turns that the reader wasn't expecting. He is familiar with the history and respectful to it but never steers away from advancement and development. He lets the art breathe and does so in a way that I never felt a sense of decompression or padding. He never really dropped away but he is definitely killing it on his current books. This issue is no exception. Loved it.

I could literally eat the art. Simonson genuinely is creating a classic story at every turn. His drama is at a high point here. From explosions to battles he brings it all home. The final page needs to be a print or a poster right now!

I cannot recommend this issue more highly.


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