Friday, 6 July 2012

Nite Owl - Panel of the Day.

I have been reading the Before Watchmen titles out of DC Comics with a (to be honest) bit of a bored opinion of what has come so far.

The Minutemen looked good but was a bit of a rehash of the flashbacks in the original series.

Silk Spectre was OK but read like a super-hero version of Mean Girls with just OKish art.

The Comedian seemed a bit like clutching at straws with the JFK angle and the art wasn't really up to scratch. I kept double taking to work out who was who.

Then came Nite Owl by JMS and the Kuberts.

Absolutely superb. A credit to the original series. The story actually adds loads to the pre existing history and the art is to die for. Limited use of a few splash pages with some great coming if age incidents and bonding moments between the older and younger Nite Owls.

Loved it!

I will be double dipping on a hardback of this one. Breathtaking art!


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