Thursday, 5 July 2012

Off my chest.

I am normally the upbeat comics fan. I live for the weekly stack and regularly read books from all companies and often of greatly varying quality.

About two minutes ago I put aside a comic because I have had too much of the writer. Not the artist (who is actually pretty great) but only the smarty pants writer.

Naming no names but there is a mainstream writer for Marvel who seemingly takes no interest in how his characters should speak or act. This is evident sadly in almost every book I have read that he has written. It is also very evident in a couple of recent interviews he has done.

What he does take a huge amount of interest in is writing them so that he sounds smart. I am a great believer that if you write down to the reader the quality suffers.

The majority of his structures seem straight out of a film script. (Recently a very common fault of modern comics writers). Full of 'oh so clever' hidden interviewers, clever snarky dialogue and dramatic set pieces that somehow seem out if place on a comics page and more at home on a screen (I am sure you recognise what I am talking about). Something tells me that he would rather be writing for TV and movies. These issues just don't read well as comics.

I have noticed this about him for around a year now and am beginning to find him quite annoying. Insufferable in fact.

I love Marvel comics. They have always been my go to company since I was a kid. I just think there are a couple of writers who have been hired because of a supposed 'buzz' rather than an actual ability to handle character.

Rather than list millions of examples and cut and paste a load of panels I will just say.

'I read the book. It comes with a book.'

Answers on a postcard.


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