Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Behind the Scenes at Atomic Hercules.

Afternoon Folks.

Welcome to just a small amount of self promotion for the new project from myself and Outlaw Adam Falp. 

Atomic Hercules came into being after myself and Mr F had a good chat about our mutual love of the Bronze Age of comics. For those not aware this was a period that lasted from 1970 to 1984. It died the death of a thousand cuts at the commencement of the 'Event Series' and that pesky Marvel project 'Secret Wars'.  

The Bronze Age was time of such amazing originality and experimentation it makes you wonder what all those hippies were smoking?! A time of Masters of Kung Fu, Killravens, Panther's Rage, The New Gods and Forever People, Luke Cage and Danny Rand, Muck Monsters and more. An age of comics that to my mind has never been bested for creativity and style. We saw both artists and writers let loose and some of my favourite work was done by people like Denny O'Neil, Neal Adams, Jim Starlin, Steve Gerber, Howard Chaykin, Paul Gulacy, Don McGregor, Barry Windsor Smith, Gene Colan, Timothy Truman, Doug Moench and oh so many more.

We decided to couple the Bronze Age/seventies aesthetic with the Small Press/Outlaw comics dynamism of the twenty first century. Comics creators like Jim Rugg, Ed Piskor, Johnny Ryan, Jim Mahfood and Charles Forsman have shown what can be done on the fringes of the industry and created comics with genuine edge and not a small dose of humour. Adam sent me away to come up with a pitch and I had quite a chuckle writing something outrageous and transgressive. Add to this the instinctual and gorgeous brush lines of Adam's underground feeling artwork and so Atomic Hercules was born.....

As well as the regular cover we have a black and white variant cover (as above) by the amazing Ken Landgraf.

For those that haven't had the benefit of seeing art by Ken he can politely be described as a veteran of both the comics industry and the field of television storyboarding. He's worked on such comics as 'The Witching Hour', 'Weird Tales', 'Superman Family' and 'World's Finest Comics'. It's a genuine honour to be attached to a comic with a creator of his stature.

What else can you expect from this series? I've always been a fan of Adam's work and his no nonsense attitude to getting work done and out there but to me this is some of his best art so far. The future is a nasty dayglo barren world full of mutants and androids. Life is cheap and the booze flows. We see some pretty outrageous action and some spicy dialogue along the journey. It felt like Adam and I were challenging each other to push on further and we spent a couple of months reading and rereading some Outlaw Fiction as inspiration.

So where are we now? As the total sits today we are comfortably over the line at 110%. As I type Adam is on his way over to meet with me and hatch some nutty plans for stretch goals that should push us on further. Adam is currently deep in the art process for issue two and I'm hatching some plans for Hercules adjacent projects that I think you'll like.

Watch out for Noodles and Kristal!

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You can find Adam online at or follow him on Twitter @adamfalp

You can find me moaning on Twitter @Ezohyez

See you soon soldier!

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