Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Recommended Reading - Hopper! Detective of the Strange. By Rob Barnes.

Hopper! Detective of the Strange - The Case of the Bank Robbing Mummies.

Created by Rob Barnes.

Edited by Tom Stewart.

Published by Fair Spark Books.

Full Colour.

£1.50 digital.

£3.00 physical.

“Hopper! Detective of the Strange” is set in the 1940’s. Hopper’s not your ordinary detective. Specializing in the strange and unexplained. He believes that there is a rational explanation for everything, but lately, the cases have revealed that the supernatural, mythical and magical is real. Now he tries to bring those, who use the supernatural for criminal means, to justice.’

This isn’t a typical review as I have a horse in this race. I work as an editor and writer for Fair Spark Books and not only do I think that Rob Barnes consistently creates perfect all-ages comic books it’s also edited by my pal and comic huffing Scot Tom Stewart. It is however a hugely recommended book that is perfect for younger readers and old curmudgeonly ones just like me.

Hopper: Detective of the Strange hits all those sweet spots that I look for in a detective story. He’s your classic down at heel private eye with an old school attitude. He pursues his investigations by interviewing all the suspects with wit and guile rather than staring at a computer all day. He also narrates the story in the first person throughout like a great old gumshoe should. Pure Noirish Heaven with a classic animation style of art and pacing.

This is also a pretty darn decent whodunnit. You can follow some cunningly dropped clues to the final reveal. I can see kids loving Hopper and he’s also one of my new favourite characters. He has at once a great comic detective personality but with just a twist of the added naivety you need to make him appealing to those younger readers. 

Look out for the second issue and pick up other work by Mr Barnes and others over at https://fairsparkbooks.co.uk/product/hopper-detective-of-the-strange-the-case-of-the-bank-robbing-mummies 

If you’re a fan of this one then also have a look for Gallant and Amos by Rob that is also published by Fair Spark Books. You can follow Fair Spaek Books and the Little Heroes Charity that they support on Twitter @fairsparkbooks and @littleheroeskit

Little Heroes is the great charity that puts comics making kits and activity books into the hands of kids suffering with long-term stays in hospital with serious illnesses. Head over and drop them a few quid.

You can find Rob on Twitter @barnz63 and at his website here http://www.arghcomics.com/

Many thanks for reading. 

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