Thursday, 7 November 2019

Couple more comics to look out for @Thoughtbubble.

Hey all. 

As promised here are a few more books to look out for at the upcoming Thoughtbubble Comics Festival this weekend in Harrogate. It seems like it's been a great year for experimentation and stretching the medium and here are three great examples of that advancement and worthy of your attention in my humble opinion.

First up is the second offering of my old mucka's new beatnik/comics/poetry/jazz/abstract fusion series.

Oh Yes!

'PANNONICA' issue 2 by Nick Prolix is fresh off the printing press and is another series of images, instructions, musings and jamming on comics and more. (It also contains a nod to Wally Wood.)  A book that will twist your melon and yet also leave you somewhat inspired to create. I reviewed issue #1 here and this is a glorious second album!

'What straight lines,
You can freehand,
In the paddock'

Find Nick in the Ask For Mercy Hall or visit his website here
And follow him on Twitter @nickprolix

'Park Bench    Kensington' by Peony Gent.

You know how it is when you work with someone and you don't realise how both of you are creators (of comics). During a lull at the recent MCM myself and Peony began talking about the comics we have been making and I handed her a copy of my recent book. She in turn gifted me this absolutely marvelous hand-crafted account of an interaction she had with a lonely and weary man whilst sat on a park bench. He told her about his life and his need to return home.

Peony returned to her more local home and created a comic from this brief but poignant conversation. It has an abstract truth about the story and a total veracity to the dialogue. I talked with Vince and Dan about it on the next Awesome Comics Podcast so have a listen next Monday for a more detailed dissection.

Peony will be at Table 131 in the Ask For Mercy Hall and you can also find her work online at and on Twitter @peonygent

Death Inc Book 3 from Charles H Raymond.

Charles and I are old pals and I finally got a chance to work with him on a comic project recently. His creator owned project Death Inc is an ongoing multi-leveled existentialist horror/fantasy series that has now reached an impressive and triumphant volume 3 (and just in time for Thoughtbubble!)

This is a series full of idiosyncratic twists and turns and deep black and white artwork that so suits the tone and story. Pop over and see the hardest working man in comics at Table 197a in the Ask For Mercy Hall.

You can also find this creator online and buy his books at 
and follow him on Twitter @not_so_tiny

I'll be at the Nobrow Table in the Ask For Mercy Hall (102-103) and you can find Vince at the Awesome Comics Podcast table in the same hall at table 93A. If you fancy showing us your new books and can't make it you can also find us on Twitter @theawesomepod or listen to upcoming episodes here

Look for these outstanding deals!

Many thanks for reading!

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