Friday, 29 November 2019

Kickstarter - 'Get Woke'

'Get Woke'

Written by Tim West.
Art by Kevin McCullough.
Colours by Dimas Mohammed.
Edited by Ken Reynolds and Richmond Clements.

40 pages - Full Colour.

Now available on Kickstarter HERE

The Story - This is the story of a young man called John Woke. His family are not the trusting type but agree to send him on a school trip to the capital of the U.S of A. With only a slingshot and a redneck youthfully rebellious attitude he soon gets into hot water when he stumbles upon a Satanic Masonic ritual. As the blood is about to be spilt in bursts Elvis, Michael Jackson, Princess Di and a Bigfoot to save the day!

They escape with young John and head back to their secret headquarters on the Titanic where they meet the leader of this strange group who turns out to be John F Kennedy (well just his brain in a jar). John must use all his tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy knowledge to help save the world from little grey aliens.

Get WOKE!!!

The Preview - This has got both the words 'Cult' and 'Nuts' written through it like a stick of rock and I had a blast reading the preview copy that Tim sent through to me this morning. But reader beware - if you are easily 'triggered' then stay away!

'Who is the girl in black? Her eyes are prettier than a chemtrail-clear summer day!'

Imagine what would happen if Man vs Rock met Bubba Ho Tep met The Crown? Imagining? It's not really like that but you kind of get the idea of the madness involved in this comic. Get Woke raises the levels of not giving a fuck triumphantly and this book is a whole hunka class! So 'a little less conversation' and go pledge!

It is violent, disrespectful, crude, fast paced and full of witty off the cuff dialogue. Elvis speaks in lyrics and national treasure Princess Diana is an expert in Horse Riding, Exotic Weaponry and Seduction (obviously). 

'....the only black holes you'll be exploring are those in your prison block shower rooms.'

The art has a definite underground feel to it's unpolished edges but what it lacks in some of the action moments it makes up more than required in energy and anarchy. This is a ride that I have a feeling is only going to get nuttier!

Watch out for that last page!

This is the first issue in a proposed four issue mini series and well worth backing. 

Here's the link to that Kickstarter again Here

Many thanks for reading.

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