Friday, 1 November 2019

Rozi Hathaway and something you need to read.

I have just read a new comic by the always insightful Rozi Hathaway. This is a story that will be going live on the Good Comics Blog here lunchtime today.

I have just read it more than once.

I am also more than a little broken by the emotion on show and the beauty in which Rozi portrays some moments that are true and raw and part of her life. The comic has an autobiographical elegance but lays everything out there for others to learn from and experience.

It is the best thing, in my humble opinion, that I have read of hers and I am more than a little moved by the story, the words and the art. This is what comics can do folks!

I’m not going to say much more than the fact that you really need to see it.

Follow Rozi on Twitter @angelsallfire and head over to her site

I have something in my eye.....

Many thanks for reading.

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